April 8, 2012

im back people!

assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera, konnichiwa, and good day to all =)

i have been abandoning this blog for awhile now, but just wanna tell u guys, im back. hehe... i have a week vacation starting tomorrow, so i guess i'll just drop by here and renovate this blog a little here and there. i have so many homework for the whole week of vacation. =.=''   i have 6 subjects now and it's all in a language i've never speak since my birth till about 11 months ago. but now basically i can speak, write and read this language im talking about ^_^  *well, by basically i mean im in the pre-advanced level now ;) *  i dont have a specific topic to write in this post actually, just wanna remind myself what it's like to write here again, hehe... and it's kinda funny when i read back my previous posts. it got me thinking : did i wrote that, did i think of that. was that the way i speak back then.. hehe.. it's funny ey, when we live everyday as a routine and we see no change in it. it's like we live the same day over and over again.. *well, i dont know about u guys, at least that's how i see it* i know, boring right? but when we turn back again, we find that everything changed, everything's different.. hmm, story of my life :P enough chit-chat. lets get back to work.. hehe, ok see ya :)


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