February 27, 2011

lost my muchness, have I?

       Well, hello guys... peace be upon you... i've decided to write this time's entry in full English and i hope you don't mind. I'd like to apologize first if I misspelled any words and if I have any grammar error, forgive me i'm human and i'm not a native English speaker, so hope u enjoy..
                             *got this from yahoo..

this is my personal collection, took this picture during my trip to hong kong disneyland

       Recognise this line? Well maybe you've watched Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Well, it's really a nice line that got me thinking and start wondering what my "muchness" is... I never really even thought of such word exist until I saw this movie and the Mad Hatter start saying that Alice was "much muchier" back then during her first visit..and he thought that Alice had lost her muchness.. Well, Alice's first visit was when she was rather young and maybe more creative, imaginative, and i don't know, "much muchier" maybe.. huhu..of course, it's consider normal for us human to change as we get older and we lost our some of ourselves and be more mature as time goes by.. I think that's what the Mad Hatter tried to tell Alice about her "muchness"..
       I'm so sorry for my boring explaination and I think that what I'm writing here really didn't do justice to Tim Burton's movie as it's actually a very fun film to watch..All i'm trying to say here is have u ever wonder what;s your muchness is? Well, lucky for u cause i've done a little research and here"s what i've got:
6 questions to help u reclaim your muchness:
  1. What did I like to do when I was younger?
  2. Why did I stop doing or continue to do those things?
  3. Who did I think I'de be when I grew up?
  4. How am I like the fictional version of myself?
  5. What attitudes and beliefs did I hold as a kid?
  6. How my attitude and beliefs changed?
*questions was found at http://www.positivelypresent.com/2010/03/muchness.html

well, I think that's all for now, maybe some of you just thought 'what in world is she trying to say?' but that's what happened when 'farah' gets bored at 3AM when she actually should be sleeping... HOPE U WILL FIND U'RE MUCHNESS AND ACHIEVE GOOD THINGS IN LIFE!


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